About us

Have you ever been to Lithuania? Have you ever seen its wildlife? Have you spectated upon Lithuania’s birds and animals? Believe it – we have it all. Come and make sure yourself. You can rent the whole homestead which fits 10 people for 200 euros a day. Bikes and observation towers will be at your service. You will have the possibility to observe the animals that live in the grange (lynxes, eagle owls, fallow deer, and white tailed sea eagles), you will have some unforgettable moments at evenings while listening to the owls hoot, watching the lynxes playing nearby and observing fallow deer strolling around the grange. I will personally assist you while introducing with the wildlife. My master’s degree knowledge will be interesting and useful for you. This page will introduce you to the living accommodations in the homestead.

This homestead-grange is situated in the picturesque Kurtuvėnai regional park. The cottage has a guest house, which has three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom with shower.


Guest house

Dining room




200-year-old cabinet